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Weird Crime: Suspect Throws Baby after Shoplifting

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Theft / Fraud, Weird Crime

As an Orlando criminal lawyer I love reading up on weird crime in our state.  Odd Crime is a great blog for this.  Most recently I was on there reading up on some older crimes in Florida and I found this one from Pensacola:

Florida woman throws baby at arresting deputy as she attempts to flee

In Florida News: A 23-year-old Pensacola woman was arrested after throwing her 3-month old infant at an Okaloosa County Sheriff Deputy as he was trying to arrest her for shoplifting from a Santa Rosa Mall Dillards.

Shoplifting is one of those crimes that Floridians take seriously.  It is not, however, a crime nearly as bad as child endangerment.  In this particular case, what could have been a case ending in an adjudication plea will likely involve social services in some way.

I realize that when people are scared they sometimes do crazy things that are out of their character.  Did she really think she could escape the police by throwing her child?  No.  She wasn’t thinking logically.  As an Orlando criminal lawyer I have to advise you that you really don’t want to compound your crime with more crimes on top of it, but at the same time I also realize that when people are frightened they act out of character.

Good people make mistakes all the time.  When they make one, sometimes they even compound it out of fear of ruining their image.  As odd as this case is, I still have all the sympathy in the world for her.  You can tell this isn’t a career criminal.  She is a woman who did something stupid and got scared.  All criminal defense attorneys in Florida deal with these kinds of cases every day and we are there to help you find a way out of whatever troubles you stumbled into if we can.  No one knows better than we do about troubles, in fact, we’re right up there with pastors and priests in understanding sin and redemption.

If you need a criminal lawyer in Florida for your shoplifting case, just give me a call.  I’ll be happy to help.  Just make it easy on me and don’t throw the cop your baby, okay?

I am an experienced criminal defense attorney practicing in Central Florida. I like to comment on current events and things that are relevant to the Central Florida community. Do feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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